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Whether you're building professional or going to be going through the building process, much thought
should be given to Green Building practices. Every project should take into account what the structures
future energy needs will be.

Building Green involes many different steps in the building process, including site developement with impact
on the enviroment, materials selections, and for the life of the structure its maintanece and operation.

When building or upgrading finishes such as flooring, fixtures, cabinets, counters or even siding,
it's not too difficult. To change a building or homes energy efficiency performance can prove to be
more of a costly challenge. Investing in a well built and insulated building envelope will pay dividends
for the life of the structure.

What shade of Green will your next project achieve?
If you plan to take your building project and making it a green built project, it needs to be planned
from conception. As with all building projects a budget figure is set and the project must work within it.
Building GREEN has both some additional cost and some practices that don�t cost any more than regular practices.
It does take common sense and decision making on the part of all associated parties. Ultimately the owner should
have the final word in what he or she wants. Discussions should be used in the decisions of structure size, future
maintenance needs, and structures energy needs from its conception.

When building green there are considerations to be made to obtain optimum efficiency, such as:


Green Building has many benefits other than the enviroment. For the life of the structure the occupants will benifet from the safety and comfort it offers. If the structure operates correctly it will nearly be sustainable on its own and give its occupants luxorious comfort. On the coldest of winter days it will remain cozy warm and the hottest of days a cool sanctuary.

The planning stages are the key to any projects success. Tax credits and energy usage taxes savings can last over the life of the structure. Whether you want to achieve a LEED certified (see below) structure or at the least an Energy Star Rated Structure, the money invested will have lasting return benefits. Much research is needed to obtain the needs of the project. E-mail for more information on these subjects.

The importance of reasearching Green Building practices can't be stressed enough.

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